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Feeding You Like Family!

Since 1941

Our Smoked Meats

Demand is high for our wonderfully smoked meats.

We have 3 smokehouses on site that are up and running most days to keep up with demand.

  • Bacon

     -Pork Bacon
     -Peppered Pork Bacon
     -Signature Bacon
     -Canadian Bacon
     -Beef Bacon
     -Turkey Bacon
     -Jalapeño Bacon

  • Jerky

     -Only one flavor

        THE BEST!

  • Summer Sausage

     -Garlic with Cheese
     -Garlic Hot
     -Jalapeño Cheddar
     -Habanero cheddar

  • Ham

    Local, Semi-Boneless
    and Smoked to

    Whole Ham
    Ham Steaks
    Ham Ends

  • Turkey-Smoked

    Fresh local Turkeys!

  • Pork Hocks & Shanks

    Great for ham & beans

  • Chicken-Smoked

     DC licious!

  • Smoked Alaskin Salmon

    Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon

  • Hot Dogs-Natural Casing

    Just the good parts of meat! (Pork/Beef)
    -DC Dogs
    Habanero Cheddar
    -All Beef

  • Pork Chops -Smoked

    Quick and Easy Dinner
     - Just Heat and Eat.

  • Sausage and Andouille

    DC licious

  • Jerky

    Did we mention Steve's Jerky? It's the BEST!

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